Why are Ukrainian Russian Girls for Marriage and Dating So Vain?

Ukraine Girls Anastasia Date Girls for Marriage are Vain

Vain ukrainian girls for marriage from Anastasia date are more the norm than the exception..it is wired into the soul of the country and of most of the ladies.

Girls from Ukraine Russia that are young and looking for husbands or dating can often be the most vain girls you can imagine. They are girls for marriage but sometimes I think they are really already deeply in love, with themselves!!

Even if I tell them, you are in love with yourself -they will say “Why should I not love myself, I am beautiful.” Yes, that is really what they sound like and what they think.


Expect to take a million pictures of your Ukrainian Russian girlfriend or girl you are dating. She is going to want a hundred pictures in front of every plant every monument, every shop, every place you eat she will want a picture of her eating anything.


These girls from Anastasia Date, are sometimes beautiful, but even if they are not, they will want a thousand pictures of themselves. Never has a culture produced a level of deadly vanity and shallowness.


Some girls for marriage in the U.S. will be vain also, but nothing like Ukrainian or Russian bitches. They are in a completely new league of vanity, self love, self glorification, self sufficiency, and self centeredness.


After meeting and dating hundreds of these beautiful, young, Anastasia Date girls for marriage from Ukraine and Russia, I can say confidently, that they love themselves from every angle, in every way, and without question, and will gladly tell you or me or anyone else how amazing they are.


I just came back from a vacation with a young Ukrainian girl. She knows she is beautiful and will not only tell me how beautiful she is, but tells me how many men come up to her and tell her how beautiful she is!!

NEWS FLASH – She is not all that! She could lose 10 pounds, and gained another three on the vacation.

While she is young, she is still beautiful, but I can see in a few years, she will be both fat and not as beautiful, and quite the bitch sometimes. Must also add, she is very smart, and very head strong.


This particular Ukrainian girl wanted me to take picture after picture – hundreds of her making all kinds of poses – sucking in her stomach.


So why put up with all of this vanity??

Because all beautiful young girls are vain, and that is the way nature made them. Ukrainian and russian girls just happen to be much worse than normal. And the big benefit is that we can enjoy a girl less than half our age that truly is beautiful, along with being very smart, and very interesting and is serious for marriage. That is why.



My last U.S. girlfriend was also very vain, also a bitch part of the time, but a great girl in every way.

Having a vain girlfriend is just the price we pay for having beautiful ladies in our life, and Ukrainian girls are more beautiful so they are likely to be much more vain.

Now you are warned…go and enjoy a beautiful, young, vain, Ukrainian Russian girl for marriage from Anastasia Date.

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